• Bridal Portrait

    Wedding photography might be only a form of photography to many and might just be a form of income to some. But for the Bride and the Groom it's not just some more photos taken. It is the day for which a girls dreams for; a day for which she waits for. With this service, Bridal Portrait, you can avail exclusive Bridal Portrait Coverage by Fahim Hasan. The main focus here is to create a collection of the bridal Portraits that can be framed for the rest of the life. This is a time bounded service. Service contains, Print count - 5R (50 copies), 10L (2 copies), 20L/12L (1 copy/ 2 copy). All Edited Copies will be provided in DVD. Time extant, 1 Hour - BDT 12,500, 2 Hours - BDT 18,000. N.B.: A pre-wedding meeting with the Bride is always preferred, as its her dream wedding and every individual has his/her own test and preferences. So to know her ideas and her preferences it's always necessary to meet her prior to the event. Because without proper coordination between the Photographer and the bride its never possible to bring out some memorable clicks. Its always requested to confirm your dates at-least a month early which will help the photographer schedule his works.


    The Story begins when we born. Our grandparents had been telling us many stories and we started believing in them, while the adorable princess was waiting for years some day a tall charming handsome prince would come and took her away to the land of happiness and romance.But Yes, stories can also come true. From the very beginning of her life a girl starts planning for the dream wedding. She plans how to dress on, how to enter the hall, how to sit & how to react, how her friends will Glam & Dance, how her groom will enter, everything other thing. “FAIRY TAIL” will talk about a girl’s plans for her wedding and her preparations, her thought and her emotions. I along with my friends will sketch your plans into frames of photography. We will rewrite your story in the book of love, which you will cherish forever so that this can be the fairy tell for your grandchildren. Please contact us for more information on this service.